Our Pianos

What’s in a name? When it comes to pianos, everything.

In every corner of the globe the name “Steinway” represents the very finest in piano craftsmanship, encompassing both sound quality and manufacturing excellence. Since it’s founding in 1853, Steinway & Sons has consistently created the world’s finest pianos.

Since 1869, M. Steinert & Sons has been the exclusive representative for Steinway & Sons in eastern New England. This enduring relationship has thrived through wars, depressions, and transformative changes in the music industry. We are proud to present to you our current selection of world-class pianos from Steinway & Sons, Steinway, Boston, Essex, and Spirio, along with the advanced technology and sound – the Steinway sound – of Roland digital pianos.

Steinway is synonymous with the grand piano – the undisputed pinnacle of piano making. With 128 patents and more than 155 years of experience, the brand sets a global benchmark for quality and sound that competitors simply cannot equal.

Spirio® continues Steinway’s history of innovation with a new high-resolution “reperformance” piano that provides a musical experience that is indistinguishable from a live performance. Steinway Spirio brings the world’s greatest music into any home, independent of the listener’s playing ability. Steinway has recorded hundreds of pianists at the highest resolution possible, using a proprietary data file format that captures the nuances and full range of emotion from each artist’s performance. The Spirio performance library features everything from J.S. Bach to Irving Berlin to Lang Lang.

The Boston and Boston Performance Edition are mid-range pianos that offer superb grand pianos and uprights that meet the demanding quality standards laid down by Steinway & Sons. The instruments include design features that are unique to Steinway & Sons.

The Essex brand offers affordable, quality pianos in a wide range of finishes and colors. All instruments are inspected for compliance with Steinway quality standards.

Roland Digital Pianos are the next generation in digital keyboard instruments. With advanced technology and sound modeling through the proprietary SuperNATURAL system, Roland digital pianos virtually duplicate the sound and tone of an acoustic piano in a compact and elegant package.