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The STEINWAY CROWN JEWEL COLLECTION is an exclusive series of rare, fine veneers available in all STEINWAY grand models.

No single instrument is the same as another. Over and over, wood’s natural qualities yield new veneer landscapes and coloration that never existed before and will never appear again. It’s because of this that every owner can enjoy a special gem that enriches the home in ways that go beyond the revered sound quality of a Steinway piano.

Finish Sample* Description

African Pommele

africanPommele-150x150 1


This fine wood from Africa with unusual circular light reflections is characterized by its charismatic texture and has a powerful and intense luminosity.

Amber Wood

Amber_Wood 2

The grain of Amber Wood varies from striped to lightly speckled, making each grand piano a true decorative gem.

East Indian Rosewood

East_Indian_Rosewood 3


Originating from South Asia, the East Indies, and Sri Lanka, this precious tobacco-colored wood with thick veins stands out for its individual grain and a warm, deep lustre.

Figured Sycamore

swatch_FiguredSycamore_Final 4


A stunning maple variant from Europe. Nearly white in color with a fine, notable uniform structure, and straight grain that may be figured, this light color wood evokes a minimalist elegance.

Indian Apple

swatch_IndianApple_Final 5


Indian Apple, also known as Tineo is found primarily in South America and is prized for its unique pinkish-brown veneer marked with bold dark streaks, typically black but sometimes of an exotic dark green, blue or purple.

Kewazinga Bubinga

Kewazinga_Bubinga 6


Kewazinga Bubinga is a highly desirable wood from West Africa. Its unique, richly contrasting grain and soft, bright sheen give this piano a wonderful lightness and irresistible charm.


koa-150x150 7


Koa wood is unique to Hawaii and is not found anywhere else in the world. The color can range from reds to chocolate browns.  Koa has a fine grain with a medium-coarse texture, but it is the figuring that sets Koa into a class of its own.

Macassar Ebony

Macassar_Ebony 8


This very rare precious wood from Sulawesi has a fascinating texture with a deep black color and a reddish-brown that pulses with breathtaking power.


swatch_Padouk_Final 9


Padauk is found primarily in Central & tropical west Africa. Its vivid and striking orange-red coloring and open grain make for a uniquely beautiful piano unlike any other.

Tiger Mahogany

tigerMahogany-150x150 10


Tiger mahogany, one of the most beautiful variants of exotic mahogany, is known for its striped appearance.  Its reddish-brown finish gives it a rich and handsome look.

Traditional Mahogany

traditionalMohogany-150x150 11


Mahogany wood is one of the world’s most stunning. Its wide board widths set it apart from other woods. Mahogany’s prized color, grain and texture have made it one of the most popular choices for Crown Jewel pianos.

Santos Rosewood

Santos 12


Also known as Pau Ferro in Brazil, Santos Rosewood has a wide variance in color ranging from light tobacco to dark Violet.


walnut-150x150 13


Walnut wood is warm and rich in color. A dense, fine-grained hardwood, Walnut is perfect for a timeless look.


swatch_Ziricote_Final 14


Ziricote is native to Central America and the color ranges from medium to dark brown with a striking pale yellow sapwood that shines through the bold dark color of the wood.

*Note: Please note that veneers are natural products and that each instrument is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, the pictures can only serve as a rough illustration of wood grain, pattern and color.

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