Ensuring Safe & Timely Delivery Of Your Piano

Welcome to M Steinert & Sons, a name synonymous with excellence in pianos. Our commitment goes beyond providing top-quality instruments; we ensure that the delivery of your piano is swift and secure. From the moment you complete your purchase to the time your piano is carefully set up at your location, our focus is on providing a seamless, efficient, and gratifying experience. At M Steinert & Sons, we understand that a piano is not just an instrument, but a significant investment in your musical journey. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to a shipping service that respects both your time and the unique importance of your piano.


Grand and Upright Pianos

Processing Time: Upon finalizing your purchase, we promptly coordinate with our trusted movers. This process typically takes 1-3 business days.

Piano Preparation: Your piano goes through our time-honed process to prepare the instrument for its arrival.  This includes tuning, regulation, case cleaning and polishing.  This careful and comprehensive  process is accomplished within 7 days.  

Delivery Time: Delivery times will vary based on the distance. Local moves within the state range from 1-5 days, while long-distance moves can take 2-4 weeks.


Professional Packaging for Safe Transit

Grand Pianos: We follow a meticulous disassembly process, safely removing and packing each leg and the lyre (pedal assembly) before securing the piano on a specialized piano moving board.

Upright Pianos: These instruments, while slightly more manageable, still require expert care. They are wrapped in padded blankets to protect their finish, and secured to prevent internal damage.

Handling with Expertise

Our professional movers have extensive experience in navigating tight spaces, staircases, and other challenges. They understand the critical moments in moving a grand piano, ensuring no damage to the instrument, the movers, or your home.  All of our movers are licensed and insured by the appropriate authority/state.

Care and Preservation

The delicacy of a piano, with its thousands of intricate parts, necessitates professional handling. A problem during the move can lead to extensive repairs, far exceeding the cost of professional moving services. We recommend allowing your piano to acclimate to its new environment before tuning. Changes in temperature and humidity can affect the instrument, and it's best to tune it once it has settled.