Higher Education and the All-Steinway School Advantage


All-Steinway Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with the best equipment possible for the study of music. That is why the only pianos owned by the institutions listed below – from the practice room to the recital hall – are designed by Steinway & Sons.


Oberlin set the standard for schools of music in 1877. They purchased Steinway pianos and began what is now the oldest working partnership between Steinway & Sons and an institution. They established the concept that to train the finest musicians, one must have the finest musical equipment to work with.


This free plan enables schools to consider their options for pianos in a clear, objective fashion. This begins with an evaluation of your existing pianos followed by a full report on the condition of each piano in your inventory.

The inventory and analysis program helps administrators evaluate everything in black and white. It helps to see the condition of the pianos and what needs exist as well as repair and maintenance recommendations. The inventory and analysis program helps you plan for the future while maintaining existing piano inventories.

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Mr. Lynn, Associate Dean, Oberlin College

“One of the things that attracted us to Steinway is that, like Steinway, we are in this for the long haul. We need a solid collection of pianos that we can rely on and use for a long, long, time. The students are the true beneficiaries of Oberlin’s long-standing relationship with Steinway. They benefit because they practice on Steinway grands. Other schools have decided to buy less expensive pianos for their practice rooms, but we have fought to keep the Steinways here. That is something we will not compromise.”


Dr. Ann Sears, Wheaton College, Massachusetts, on becoming an All-Steinway School

“Why? This is shorthand for excellence!”


Prof. Sedmara Rutstein, Oberlin College

“For my students, it is good to have the Steinway because the feeling of the keyboard is so good. When they leave, they will have the high standard of sound quality in their ear.”


Dean Thomas, Carnegie Mellon University

“Excellence demands excellence. The best students seek the best teachers. The finest musicians need the finest instruments. Educationally and practically, it is clear that we need to buy and maintain the finest, most durable pianos on the market.”


Prof. Ann Sears, Wheaton College

“We want to give our students the best learning experience possible. Just as science students benefit from the best lab equipment possible, music students benefit from the best instruments. Both disciplines call for the effective acquisition of information and skills, and we want to give our students the tools to make that happen. If we can provide superior equipment along with excellent teaching, we can truly encourage our students’ best work.”


Dr. Timothy Blair, Dean, West Chester University

“An All-Steinway School is consistent with the mission to inspire academic and professional excellence at every level.”



  • Curtis Institute of Music, an All-Steinway School, chooses all students as a result of highly selective auditions. All piano, conducting, and composition students are lent Steinway grand pianos for their use throughout their studies at Curtis.
  • Wheaton College became the first recognized All-Steinway School in Massachusetts in 2002.