Silent Systems

Silent Practice & Digital Connections


One System – Three Benefits:

  1. Works on ANY piano (including one you already own).
  2. Silent practice through headphones.
  3. Connect to the digital world via Bluetooth MIDI and/or USB.

How does it work?

In a silent system, there’s a small easily accessible lever that activates the silent mode.  This moves a special ‘mute rail’ into the exact spot required to capture the hammer just before it hits the string.  When properly installed and adjusted, the keys will ‘feel’ like a traditional piano even when the mute feature is activated.

Beneath the keys, special optical sensors capture the motion of each key and translate this for playback by the digitized piano sound in the control box.  The sound quality in the the PianoDisc QuietTime system is excellent.

Also, the key sensors do not interfere with key motion or action feel in any way.

What about pedals?

In a proper QuietTime installation – both the Sustain and Una Corda (soft) pedals are fitted with sensors that sense the degree of pedaling.

Are all installations the same?

The expertise required to install a QuietTime system is significant.  We use only factory-trained technicians who perform this installation regularly.  There is a big difference between being able to ‘figure it out’ and rock-solid silent system installation skills.

Want to learn more? Part 2 of our QuietTime video series goes into the details and options.

How much does it cost?

The quiet time system can be installed on any of our acoustic pianos for $3,380.  Call 617-426-1900 or complete the form below for pricing on installation into your existing piano.

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