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Division 2 Winners Announced
Published on: May 02, 2010

1st Place – Andrew Li 2nd Place – Yinian Tang 3rd Place (tie) – Kevin Zhu 3rd Place (tie) – Kevin Chen Honorable Mentions: Sarah Goodman, Kevin Ren, Amir Siraj Congratulations to all the winners. A reminder that all Division 2 participants will receive a medal to be presented at … Read More »

Division 4 Finalists/Times
Published on: May 01, 2010

Jana Cheteleva 2:00pm Redi Llupoi 2:30pm Yoriko Oguri 3:00pm Marion Scott 3:330pm Tania Stavreva 4:00pm Jack Kurutz 4:30pm

Division 1 Winners
Published on: May 01, 2010

1st place – Jessica Gao 2nd place – Simonida Spasojevic 3rd place – Ririko Uchida Honorable Mentions: Leon Fan, Elizabeth Zhang, and Rubin Zou

Division 3 Winners
Published on: May 01, 2010

1st Place – Chi Wei Lo 2nd Place – Mackenzie Melemed (tie) 2nd Place – Eun Mee Hong (tie) 3rd Place – Yong Murray Honorable Mentions: Eric Zhang, Winston Huang, Matthew Wu, Henry Zavriyen

Published on: April 04, 2010

When Steinway & Sons introduced the Boston Performance Edition line of pianos late last year, we were confident that these new instruments would have an important place in the Steinway Family of Pianos, which includes the flagship Steinway brand, along with Boston and Essex. Still, we have been pleasantly surprised … Read More »

Published on: January 08, 2010

The 2010 Steinway Society of Massachusetts Piano Competition will be held April 30-May 2, in two locations. Official entry forms are available at either M. Steinert & Sons location, or on the web at The 2010 Piano Competition will consist of 4 divisions open to pianists of any nationality. … Read More »

Piano Competition Dates for 2010 Announced
Published on: November 11, 2009

We are pleased to announce the dates of the 2010 Steinway Society of Massachusetts Piano Competition. Next year’s event will take place April 30 – May 2, 2010. The Piano Competition will again take place at historic Steinert Hall in Boston. The 2010 competition will be extra special, as our … Read More »

Practice Makes Perfect
Published on: October 29, 2009

Greatness comes with a price. And in the case of musicians, that price is hours and hours of practice. That point was brought home recently right here at our Boston showroom. As you may know, the upper floors of Steinert Hall on Boylston Street contain numerous practice rooms and teaching … Read More »

"They laughed when I sat down at the piano…but when I started to play…"
Published on: July 10, 2009

This was the headline of a famous advertisement that ran in newspapers across the country back in the 1920s. The ad told the story of a man who astounded his friends at parties with his ability to play the piano. What was the ad selling? Piano lessons, of course! Guess … Read More »

2009 Piano Competition Winners
Published on: May 17, 2009

2009 Steinway Society Piano Competition Division 1 Winners: 1st Prize: Andrew Li 2nd Prize (Split): Amir Siraj 2nd Prize (Split): Kara Chuang 3rd Prize: Anna Larsen Honorable Mention: Kevin Chen Division 2 Winners: 1st Prize (Split): Kadar Qian 1st Prize (Split): Seho Young 2nd Prize: Chistopher Staknys 3rd Prize: Daniel … Read More »

2009 Piano Competition Results
Published on: May 16, 2009

Division 3: 1st Prize- Emma Liu 2nd Prize- Mackenzie Melemed 3rd Prize- Tristian Smith Honorable Mention: Elias Dagher Kayo Nagai Winston Huang Division 1: 1st Prize- Andrew Li 2nd Prize(split)- Amir Siraj 2nd Prize(split)- Kara Chueng 3rd Prize- Anna Larsen Honorable Mention- Kevin Chen All 1st 2nd 3rd Prize winners … Read More »

2009 Piano Competition
Published on: May 16, 2009

The Division 1 auditions are complete. The judges will announce a winner later this evening. Please check back. GOOD LUCK!

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