Why I play - by Patrick Elisha

March 30, 2020 Chuck Johnson

By Patrick Elisha, Education Team Consultant at M. Steinert & Sons.  

Among the many journeys that we embark on as an ever evolving and discovering civilization, there exists one constant, one unifying and unmistakably universal language connecting everyone, everywhere. Playing the piano is my vehicle for accessing and contributing to this innate conduit, the language of music.

Having studied the piano and cello from a very young age and being born, raised, and surrounded by music, this life of expression and creativity, introspection and the merging of all energies is part of my DNA. I am grateful to have had the fortune of studying and sharing music with individuals which I considered to be legends, giants, and true interpreters of this craft.

That journey was accompanied, in part through many hours of practice and in part through performances and competitions on various stages, accompanied always by a Steinway. The Steinway piano has always pulled me into a special world when playing, hearing the warmth of the overtones and feeling the responsive and most intuitive personality of each unique instrument inspired me, from a young age. It is this gentle giant, the master of our repertoire, the purest from of what an eighty-eight key orchestra can be, that I believe ultimately drew me towards it as a life partner, even away from the cello which I adored.

To hear the space between the notes, to feel the time stand still, this is the journey that I long for, and the path that my Steinway and I will always seek, it is why I play.

Patrick Elisha is one of our Expert Staff .  He can found be found throughout New England and in our Damrell Service and Selection Headquarters.

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