M. Steinert & Sons Opens in West Newton

June 1, 2020 Chuck Johnson


High Profile Location Extends Commitment to Excellence in Music-Making

In a rare move for these extraordinary times, M. Steinert & Sons is reaffirming its commitment to New England in a big way. A new showroom at 1069 Washington Street is fully stocked with the latest Steinway & Sons pianos and Roland digital pianos.

“Whether you are shopping for your very first piano or the legendary Steinway, we will do everything possible to earn your trust and help you make an informed decision,” says Sales Manager Steve Hauk. “We will listen carefully and offer thoughtful recommendations.”

Steinert’s two-story building is easily accessible from Interstates 95 and 90. The multi-purpose complex offers an abundance of natural lighting, high ceilings, and a low-keyed ambiance. “Our central location and convenient parking make it easy to get here, and customers will experience a wonderful atmosphere well-suited to select the piano of their dreams,” Hauk says.

The showroom boasts a full-service Piano Academy with five teaching studios. “If you need lessons, our teaching studios are bright and spacious, and they are equipped with Steinway pianos,” he adds. When prudent, Steinert plans on hosting small performances and piano recitals to support the local music community.

Located in the heart of a culturally rich region overflowing with schools, houses of worship and private residences, “we are returning to our roots by coming to such a strong community as West Newton,” says Hauk, stressing that Steinert is celebrating its 160th anniversary. “Music teachers and businesses have expressed great enthusiasm for what we are doing here, so we are excited by the many possibilities before us.”
Floor Plan

Steinert operates under an institutional philosophy “that we are part of the same musical and artistic ecosystem, with each part critical to the success of the others,” explains Brendan Murphy, Director of Institutional Sales. “In addition to workshops and offering space for student recitals, we can help teachers recruit new students. We also offer scholarships for students and honorariums to our dedicated partners.”

Supporting Schools, Teachers

World-class institutions have come to rely on Steinert, especially in today’s environment. Relationships forged over decades at the historic flagship at 162 Boylston Street sowed the seeds for a successful expansion to West Newton. “We have been providing piano solutions for generations of leaders at a host of schools, universities and conservatories,” says Murphy.

“It is always wonderful to meet a new administrator, music chair or faculty member and assure them that we will continue to build on that legacy. We are long on institutional memory that helps us avoid pitfalls while creating a positive experience for all our clients.”
West Newton Inside Location

Having represented Steinway & Sons longer than any other retailer in the world, Steinert can evaluate today’s pianos with an unequaled degree of authority. “Quality improves year after year, and the new pianos are so wonderful right out of the box that our technicians often need only to tune them before they are ready for our highly-discerning customers,” Murphy observes.

Showcasing the latest piano technology

The technological advances in Steinway’s line of Spirios — available in West Newton — are opening a whole new segment of the marketplace. “For many years, people with the desire and wherewithal to own a new Steinway just could not justify it. We would hear ‘I don’t play well enough’ or ‘what if my son or daughter doesn’t take to piano lessons?’  Well now, with the reproductive quality sounds of Spirio, the piano once again becomes a well-rounded home entertainment system, just as it was at the turn of the century.”

For those not quite ready for a Steinway, Murphy points to Steinway designs found in the Boston and Essex line of pianos. Bostons have become a staple at several prestigious music festivals around the globe, including Tanglewood. “The Boston piano is the world’s best production piano,” he asserts. “It provides a professional quality instrument at a price point achievable to many pianists. Steinway DNA is evident throughout the scale design, tone quality and action geometry.”

Whatever the need, M.Steinert & Sons stands ready to serve. Visit www. msteinert.com for updates on West Newton and other exciting plans as New England emerges from the pandemic stronger than ever.

Check out our Newton Location Page for more information.  

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