Steinway CEO announces emerging scarcity of new Steinway pianos

July 1, 2020 Chuck Johnson


As Steinway dealers since 1869, there have only been a few times in that great history where Steinway has had to announce a shortfall in Steinway Grand production due to extraordinary circumstances.

The last time this happened was World War II - when they stopped for three years and built the GI piano (a fascinating story at The Coronavirus period has just become one of those rare moments that has forced a change in Steinway's production.

Steinway always sells every piano it makes. In 2020 there's going to be a shortfall given the sustained demand in the overall market for quality instruments. We are fortunate to have a reasonable stock of Steinway pianos at this time. Consider an appointment at one of our showrooms to view and play the finest pianos in the world.  

The following letter from Ron Losby, CEO of Steinway & Sons, describes the situation (pdf version):

Letter from Ron Losby CEO Steinway Musical Properties

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