Why I Play - Helen Meng

April 10, 2020 Chuck Johnson

by Helen Meng, Piano Consultant at M. Steinert & Sons.  

Helen has prepared versions in both English and Chinese

Time flies. This is my second year at M. Steinert & Sons.

I consider myself really lucky, being able to work with the most respectful, admired and distinguished piano brand in the whole world, Steinway & Sons. My role is a piano representative. I am presenting Steinway to the music lovers and Steinway admirers.

I am well versed with the history of western music, Steinway and piano, because of my background and my study at BU. I am grateful that I benefit so much, in my DMA exam preparing period.

During my interaction with music lovers, I can tailor my Steinway presentation depending on his/her interested.

When I talk to an engineer (regardless of IT or handcraft), I focus on the craftsmanship of building a Steinway. I focus on the quality of the wood, the lumberyard, the rim, soundboard, and pin-block. I focus on the integrity of Steinway as a philosophy brought to America, 165 years ago, by a German immigrant, Mr. Henry Steinway, When I talk to an investment banker, I focus on the value of Steinway piano, the numbers, charts and rates.
When I talk to a music lover, I play.  I play my favorite pieces cross genres. I discover the responsiveness, delicate yet powerful features this piano has, with him/her together. This is usually the moment, when I am reliving the world where people communicate through music.

When I am here, my background is no longer a degree or a label of who I am. It actually helps me to be good at what I am doing, and helps me to improve day by day.


时光飞逝, 这是我入职M. SteinertSons两年了。




Helen Meng is one of our Expert Staff in our Newton showroom.

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