Expert's Guide 

for those who've dedicated years to intense practice, study, and performance 

Mastering the art of playing the piano

An expert pianist has exceptional control over the piano keyboard. If the instrument allows, they can execute complex fingerings, rapid scales, arpeggios, and intricate passages with ease and precision. Their fingers move effortlessly across the keys, producing a beautiful and even tone.

Refined Touch

The expert can tell when a piano is out of regulation.  They know when the instrument is available to your every interpretive idea.  They prefer to think about how to play it, rather than whether you can play it.



Tonal Shading

The expert can convey emotion, nuance, and subtlety in performance. They can breathe life into a piece of music, capturing its essence and communicating it to the listener.


Our Trade-in Policy

Any piano, new or used, acoustic or digital, purchased from M. Steinert & Sons receives 100% of the original purchase price for the life of the original purchaser towards any new larger Steinway & Sons piano of greater value.

Example:  You purchased a Boston Model GP-193  in 2020 for $40,000 – get that amount towards a new Steinway & Sons Model B.  

Let one of our team members help you find a opiano just right for you