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Joy of Piano: Conversation with a teacher: Sight-reading with Cynthia Sanger
Published on: October 22, 2021

Joy of Piano: Conversation with a teacher Sight-reading with Cynthia Sanger by Stephen N. Reed   Sight-reading: similar and different from reading a book Steinert & Sons inaugurated its “Conversation with a Teacher” interviews with this look into the process of sight-reading, specifically a pianist’s first read of a new

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The Top Six most popular Steinway grand pianos (according to our customers)
Published on: October 22, 2021

In this article, we offer you a look at the most popular Steinway models at M. Steinert. By reviewing the Steinway models that have proven so popular with our customers over the years, you can start to narrow down your options as you move towards a final selection that is best for you.

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Five Steinway grand piano models
A review of 6 Steinway piano models: Which is the best grand for me?
Published on: October 15, 2021

In this article, we will take a brief look at the main Steinway grand piano models, with links to a further description of each model.  That way, if you see one you want to investigate further before coming into one of our showrooms, you can access that information directly through this article.

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A review of Steinway’s Model S:  The baby grand
Published on: October 08, 2021

So you’d like to experience the “Steinway sound” but don’t think you have an adequate space for a grand piano in your home.  What to do? 

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Review of the Steinway Model O: Is it the right piano for me?
Published on: October 08, 2021

In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of the Model O, its place among Steinway’s “Miniature” grands, and its triumphant return as Steinway’s only grand piano of nearly 6 feet in length.

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A review of the Steinway Model M: Is the M the right piano for me?
Published on: October 01, 2021

The Model M gives such an individual or small venue a powerful Steinway grand in a smaller 5’7” instrument.  This Studio Grand is perfect for the serious musician or the earnest beginner.  The Model M will fill a home with the Steinway sound without the full power of a Model D concert piano.

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A review of the Steinway Model A: The game changer
Published on: October 01, 2021

In an investment as important as a new grand piano, you naturally want to get the perfect piano for you.   For many, Steinway’s Model A, known as the “Parlor Grand,” is that piano. 

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Steinway’s Model D: The iconic concert grand piano of choice
Published on: September 23, 2021

When Steinway & Sons rolled out their very first Model D concert grand piano in 1884, they could not have known how much one piano model would come to define their company.  Top Steinway dealers like M. Steinert & Sons proudly offered this exceptionally designed concert grand then and have been doing so ever since.

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How much does it cost to tune my piano?
Published on: September 17, 2021

Keeping one’s piano in tune is a major responsibility of owning a piano. Much is at stake when you don’t keep your piano well-tuned.  Later maintenance brought on by neglect can be a more expensive proposition than regular tuning.

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Steinway Model B Review: Is the B the perfect piano?
Published on: September 14, 2021

The Model B is Steinway’s best-selling model and has been acclaimed for having the top Steinway sound and touch outside of the concert grand models. The Model B is well-known for its constantly refined tone, touch sensitivity, broader dynamic range, longer sustain, and nuanced color.

In the Model B, the bass is rich, distinct, and prolonged without overwhelming the treble. The sustain of the higher octaves is noticeably longer, and the harmonic content of the notes more audible and colorful.

How did the Model B achieve these aspects, becoming the standard against which all 7’ foot grand pianos are measured for the past century?

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How to Move a Piano: Professional piano movers are best
Published on: September 12, 2021

Grand and upright pianos are large and heavy and never more so than when you need to move them to a new location.  They can weigh everywhere from 300-800 lbs for an upright and 500-1,400 lbs for a grand.

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Boston vs. Yamaha: Which is the best piano for me?
Published on: September 03, 2021

Boston vs. Yamaha: Which is the best piano for me? by Stephen N. Reed With several good options for buyers looking into new pianos today, making the best possible decision is important for a number of reasons.  First, this is a serious investment, perhaps done only once in a lifetime.  

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