Top piano movers in Boston

February 28, 2024 Chuck Johnson


Top Piano Movers in Greater Boston

In orchestrating well over 20,000 piano moves, we've seen it all. As we reinforce in our article How to Move a Piano: Professional piano movers are best hiring a competent piano mover is a wise choice.

Here are some of the movers we contract with to provide moves in the region.  

Regional Boston Area: 

Allston Piano Movers 

(part of Gentle Giant, a national moving company has experience with crane delivery)

Main #: 617-489-4755, Email:, 

Griffin Piano Moving

Owner - Michael Griffin

Main #:  774-388-6081,  Email: 

Piano Movers Inc.

(reliable, experienced delivery service based in Southern NH).  

Main #: 800-686-7250, Email: , 

Quality Movers (Stefan Kosof)

(Very experienced movers able to handle complex and challenging situations).  

Main #: (413)822-1766, Email:


Long Distance Piano Movers

Modern Piano Moving 

(nationwide door-to-door delivery)

Main #: 888-375-9056 OR 800-737-5600, 

A N Piano Moving 

(based out of New Jersey - will do moves NYC to Boston)

Main #: 973-942-0555, Email: 

Daley & Wanzer 

(weekly trips down East Coast)

Main #: (800)343-0015, 


Move or Improve? 

SteinwayOverBeaconHill_400wUpgrading a piano rather than moving it can be a timely and hassle-saving option. 

Rather than facing the potential risks and costs associated with moving a piano, sometimes folks will invest in a new piano that better fits the new space and decor.  A new instrument remains in optimal condition for years to come and can serve as a centerpiece in the new destination.  

Moreover, upgrading a piano presents an opportunity for artistic growth and exploration. New features and capabilities can inspire musicians to push the boundaries of their creativity, unlocking fresh avenues of expression and musical innovation.

Upgrading a piano offers a pragmatic and enriching alternative to moving it. By investing in enhancements and improvements, pianists can elevate their playing experience, preserve the integrity of their instrument, and embark on a new journey of artistic discovery.  

Connect with a piano consultant consultant to explore this option.  

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