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Boston Pianos
Designed by Steinway & Sons

The Steinway & Sons-designed Boston Piano is unrivaled in its class and unmatched in value. Designed with a soundboard that features substantially more area than other pianos of the same length, a Boston piano has a unique and powerful sound that has been impressing performers and audiences alike for more than 20 years.

The Boston line of pianos includes the significantly enhanced Boston Performance Edition. The Boston Performance Edition features improvements in materials, specifications, and performance never before seen in the mid-price range.

A maple inner rim, found in only the finest pianos, increases structural integrity and improves the tone by isolating the soundboard. The patented Octagrip™ Pinblock provides a smoother pin turn and more consistent pin torque, leading to a more precise tuning.

As the preferred piano of major Music Festivals, including Tanglewood, Aspen, Brevard, and Bowdoin, the Boston piano has received rave reviews from prestigious music publications, as well as, performing artists, music conservatories, and piano educators worldwide.

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