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Choosing a Piano
For 160 years, M. Steinert & Sons has helped people find the piano of their dreams.
Choosing a Piano

Choosing the right piano may seem like an overwhelming task! With thousands of satisfied customers, we do our best to fulfill the needs and preferences of each player’s unique situation.  

If you can answer these 6 questions it can vastly simplify your first (or next) piano choice (regardless of where you purchase):

  1. Does anyone in your home play the piano, how long have they been playing?
  2. Do you own a piano now, if so, what kind?
  3. Do you know what type of piano are you interested in (Grand, Vertical, Digital)?
  4. Is there a specific color or finish that you prefer?
  5. Have you seen any other pianos that have caught your eye?
  6. Is there a specific budget that you are comfortable with investing in your piano?

Want a personalized recommendation based on the above?  Complete our piano recommendation formand we’ll get to work!

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