M.Steinert_Portraits_MarshallDackert_WEB-8Jerome1-e1667248053873JEROME MURPHY, treasurer

Jerome Murphy began his involvement with M. Steinert & Sons as a child riding a piano dolly around the shop during visits to see Dad and Pa and Uncle Jerome at work. Summers during college found him back in the rebuilding department, up to his elbows doing the dirty jobs in the finishing shop, then onward to repairing soundboards, installing new pinblocks and strings and working on action rebuilding.

He holds a BA from The College of the Holy Cross and an MBA from Rutgers University. He became a CPA in Massachusetts and worked as an auditor for the firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. for five years. The lure of working with pianos and family brought him back to M. Steinert & Sons in 1978, where his present title is Treasurer. In recent years, his mechanical interests and IT ability led him to become a certified installer of electronic player piano systems.

He continues to indulge his passion for things mechanical in maintaining his 1967 Morgan Plus 4 roadster and a 1967 Tripp 22 fishing boat. He can often be seen greeting the dawn on the Charles River, sculling in his mahogany single shell by King Boatworks, with its hand rubbed satin finish worthy of a Steinway.