Elaine Zheng

Piano Consultant

Elaine is a composer and singer-songwriter that recently graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual-major in Film Scoring & Contemporary Writing and Production.

Starting classical piano at the age of 4, Elaine has always been fascinated by music and the breadth of emotions it carries. After introducing herself to contemporary composing and songwriting, Elaine was discovered by one of the most renowned Taiwanese record labels – HIM International Music, and became their staff songwriter. She then pursued her studies at Berklee College of Music and performed as a singer-songwriter while working as a composer for multiple independent short films.

Elaine would love to guide you to your perfect piano.  Her deep understanding and appreciation of both classical music and contemporary music are inspired by her piano study since childhood and her exploration of contemporary genres during her Berklee years.  Elaine is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.