Steinert & Steinway

On September 14, 1869, M. Steinert & Sons was granted an “agency” to sell pianos manufactured by Steinway & Sons. Thus began one of the closest and most productive relationships in the musical world.

For over 140 years we have been Steinway’s exclusive authorized dealer in the Boston and eastern New England region, proudly representing what has been and remains the world’s finest pianos.

Today, M. Steinert & Sons is the oldest Steinway dealer in the world outside of New York.

Quoting Ron Losby, recently retired Steinway President and CEO, "Steinway piano can best be described as siblings with recognizable family traits, but distinctive personalities. Given the naturally occurring variations in wood, it's difficult, if not impossible make every piano perform in the same way. That's why Steinway doesn't even try. Rather, the final regulators who shape the hammers, work to bring out the unique character of each instrument."