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Service Department
Service Department

We are a full service piano store. We have services that cover a lifetime of music enjoyment, including piano maintenance and restoration. We want to be able to assist you in all of your music needs.

At M. Steinert & Sons we employ some of the best piano technicians in the business. We not only help maintain our customers’ pianos but we also rebuild and restore pianos.

When we receive a piano at M. Steinert & Sons, before it can go out onto the showroom, it is carefully prepared by our team of technicians. Not only is it unpacked, assembled and tuned, it is also inspected for parts that may be broken or damaged shipping. After these are replaced, the piano’s action is set up and the piano is polished. Every month (if not more frequent for the newer pianos) our showroom pianos are tuned and adjusted. With over 200 instruments in two stores this is quite a job!

Personalized Service for Your New Piano 
When you buy a piano you can talk to the technician and let them know your preferences on the touch and tone of your piano. The technician will then set up your new piano to your specifications. This is the same kind of service our piano technicians perform for visiting artists when we provide them with Steinway Concert Grands for their performance.

We also offer personalized piano care programs for ongoing maintenance of your instrument.

Service Department contact:
 617-426-TUNE (8863)
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