EZ Start Acoustic Piano Rental Program


Starting at $79/month for a Steinway-designed Essex piano.


A Great Start to a Lifetime Love of Music!

M. Steinert & Sons’ EZ Start Piano Rental Program is a low-cost way to allow anyone to explore their interest and talent in playing the piano. There is no need to make a significant investment in purchasing a piano unless and until you are ready. Choose from three superior quality acoustic instruments from the most trusted name in pianos – Steinway & Sons – that are perfect for beginners or more advanced pianists.  

About the EZ Start Piano Rental Program

Start your piano journey by renting a quality Steinway-designed Essex or Boston acoustic piano from New England’s oldest, most established piano company. We’ll deliver and set up your piano, which includes a piano bench. 

  • Initial minimum rental term is 6 months
  • Option to purchase at any time during rental period, with up to 6 months of rental payments applied to the purchase price!
  • At the end of 6 months you may purchase the piano, upgrade your piano, or continue to rent at 3% of the piano’s retail value
  • Initial delivery fee paid upfront

Our EZ Start Piano Rental Program allows anyone to experience the fun and excitement of learning how to play the piano, or to advance their piano skills on a world-class, Steinway-designed instrument, without making a large investment.

Get the Acoustic Edge as You Start Your Piano Journey

A modern acoustic piano is unmatched in its ability to provide touch and tone during the early critical learning phase where many impressions habits and decisions are made.  With a quality, new acoustic piano, there is no question you’ll be starting this important process with the right tool.

*Piano selection subject to change.

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This piano rental is for:
MyselfSpouseChild or grandchild

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Essex EUP111EBoston UP118SEGP155 Grand PianoNot Sure

My interest is:
ImmediateIn the next few monthsIn the next year


Choose your style and budget.

Essex EUP111E




EGP155 Grand Piano