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ABOUT CHOLONG PARK - Director of Music Education & Piano Instructor

Cholong Park believes learning a musical instrument and about music is a fun and life-broadening experience for all abilities and ages; no matter where the student is starting from. Learning an instrument promotes self-worth and helps develop transferable life skills such as goal setting, self-discipline, tenacity, creativity, and problem-solving in a supportive and fun environment.

Park’s piano students have won music competitions and performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA. With her professional Pianist career experience, Park mentors early-career music professionals and advanced students interested in professional performance careers through professional career-oriented music education programming, professional career mentorship, and guidance for undergrad and graduate programs.

Before founding NEMA, Park held teaching and Staff Pianist positions throughout Boston including Staff Pianist at Longy School of Music, Piano Faculty at All Newton Music School, and District Pianist at Needham Public Schools.  In the summer, Park is a member of the Piano Faculty at the New England Music Camp at the Snow Pond Center for the Arts in beautiful Sidney, Maine where she enjoys working with students and faculty members from all over the world, presents lectures on New Music, performs with students and staff, and instructs individual piano students. Park has two graduate degrees in piano performance, a Master of Music from Florida State University, and a Graduate Performance Diploma in Collaborative Piano, Chamber Music Emphasis from Longy School of Music.  Park was awarded an Artist Certification from The City of Boston.


At the New England Music Academy, our team of experienced instructors is passionate about your musical journey.  Our customized approach to music lessons ensures you receive personalized attention and guidance in a supportive and fun learning environment, regardless of your skill level or experience.  Collaboration between parents and teachers is important in providing the best music education for students. Active parental involvement in their child's music lessons can make a significant difference in their progress and overall experience. Taking a music lesson and meeting the instructor regularly at your home allows parents to observe their progress and their child's strengths and weaknesses, offering the opportunity for additional support at home.

Our instructors are highly trained and experienced professional performing musicians with diverse backgrounds, allowing students the opportunity to learn from a variety of musical perspectives. If you're considering playing an instrument as an extracurricular activity, keep in mind that commitment and consistency are crucial. Playing a musical instrument is a great way to showcase qualities like dedication, discipline, and creativity. Universities want to see that you've dedicated yourself to your chosen activity for a long time and have demonstrated growth and progress over time. Additionally, it's important to highlight your creativity and passion in your application, whether through performances, competitions, or other related activities. Participating in music competitions and performing at public concerts can provide excellent opportunities for children to learn and grow. NEMA offers special programs for competition preparation and the Royal Conservatory Music certificate program.


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