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Steinway Spirio™
Tomorrow's Piano Technology ... Today

Imagine having the world’s greatest concert pianists playing classical masterpieces, cool jazz, or contemporary hits on your piano, in the comfort of your home. Now you can have this experience through the magic of the Steinway Spirio, the world’s finest high resolution player piano.

With the touch of an iPad, Spirio brings your Steinway to life with performances from the world’s greatest artists, inviting you and your loved ones to enjoy life’s great musical moments. Every note, every key strike, every nuance of live concert performances from piano legends are ready for live playback.

You can choose from a library of over 1,700 pieces, ranging from Rachmaninoff and Horowitz, to Bill Evans and Billy Joel, with additional artists and performances added regularly. All newly recorded in high resolution by the world’s greatest musicians who choose Steinway & Sons pianos for their performances.

Spirio’s patented, proprietary design captures the true essence and soul of a performance, delivering the most accurate reproduction of live performance ever achieved. Delicate pedaling, subtle phrasing, soft trills, and thundering fortissimos present no difficulty for Steinway Spirio. Damper and keyshift pedaling are replicated with unparalleled accuracy, following the pianist’s depressions and releases smoothly and precisely over the entire range of motion.

The Spirio system is available on select Steinway pianos, including the Model B (Music Room Grand) and Model M (Medium Grand) pianos in the U.S. The system is integrated with the piano during manufacturing. Completely hidden from view, its components do not affect the touch, sound or outward appearance of the piano in any way. Steinway Spirio’s modular design isolates the core player system from rapidly changing user interface technologies, ensuring many decades of enjoyment. With routine maintenance and occasional updates, the Steinway Spirio player piano system will last the full lifetime of the piano.

Of course, you can always create your own great music on your Steinway Spirio™ with the same legendary resonance and tone that has made Steinway the universally acknowledged leader in world-class pianos.

Spirio Model B
This is the hero image for Spirio Model B
As a Model B, this SPIRIO is a magnificent 6' 11" (211 cm) grand piano, often referred to as the “perfect piano.” It’s a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument that does ext...
Spirio Model D
This is the hero image for Spirio Model D
As 8' 11¾" (274 cm) in length, the SPIRIO | r is available as a majestic Model D, the pinnacle of concert grands and the overwhelming choice of the world’s greatest pianists and fo...
Spirio Model M
This is the hero image for Spirio Model M
At 5' 7" (170 cm) in length, the Model M SPIRIO features a rich tone and responsive action that is found not only in a great many homes, but in many schools of music and conservato...
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