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Affordable baby grand for a small space

This 5’2” Kohler and Campbell piano is absolutely stunning with its stylish music desk and beautiful ebony polish finish. It has an overall bright tone with great power for its size.

This piano is perfect for someone who’s looking for a quality instrument with a limited budget. Its compact size also makes it an excellent fit for a smaller room.

For many years, Kohler and Campbell pianos were one of the signature brands carried by our dealership. The brand is very famous, and is carried by fine piano dealerships across America.
This one was recently bought back from its original owner due to its excellent overall condition – both inside and out.

2007 Kohler and Campbell Model KIG-52D | Used
Type: Acoustic
Style: Grand
Make: Other
Model: KIG-52D
Year: 2007
Status: Used
Serial Number: UIJPHG0437
Warranty: 90 day Steinert
Finish: Ebony Polish

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