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Steinway Piano Inventory Analysis
Steinway Piano Inventory Analysis

This free plan enables schools to consider their options for pianos in a clear, objective fashion. This begins with an evaluation of your existing pianos followed by a full report on the condition of each piano in your inventory.

The inventory and analysis program helps administrators evaluate everything in black and white. It helps to see the condition of the pianos and what needs exist as well as repair and maintenance recommendations. The inventory and analysis program helps you plan for the future while maintaining existing piano inventories.

“The report showed a real need to upgrade the pianos. Lexington’s public schools system is approaching its piano inventory from a completely different perspective. From now on, we’re going to be doing medium and long-range planning to replace and maintain our instruments. The pianos are used so much during the school year, and the Steinway program has really given us a heightened sense of awareness that the instruments need to be – protected and maintained.” Dr. Pavasaris, Lexington Schools

Director of Institutional Sales, Brendan Murphy, has many years of experience with Steinway and Sons. This background makes him a reliable resource for your institutional piano questions.

Brendan Murphy,
Director of Institutional Sales
(617) 426-1900

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