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Essex EUP-108 Overview

The Essex upright piano, designed by STEINWAY & SONS in collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber, showcases that beautiful piano styles and finishes should be accessible in every price range. By incorporating Steinway's latest design specifications and engineering standards, each Essex instrument undergoes a thorough inspection by highly experienced STEINWAY & SONS technicians before leaving the factory. The EUP-108C offers distinctive and stylish elegance at an affordable price.

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The New Essex EUP-108C Customer

Who's it for

  • Affordable excellence: Essex pianos are ideal for buyers seeking a low-cost, low-profile, entry-level upright style piano. These pianos offer a more affordable option without compromising quality, making them perfect for students and beginner pianists who are embarking on their musical journey.

  • Space saving solution: Essex upright pianos are an excellent choice for for living environments with less space, such as small residential apartments and rooms of compact size and limited square footage.


Essex Model EUP-108C Upright Piano

Who's it not for

  • The Essex EUP-108C is not a good fit for anyone looking to roll or move the piano within a room.  The continental styling does not feature rollers or wheels.  

  • An advanced or expert-level player, requiring the performance and dynamic range afforded by a larger piano.  


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EUP-108C Specifications


Height: 108 cm (42½”).
Width: 147 cm (57¾”).
Depth: 55 cm (21½”).
Net Weight: 209 kg (460 lb).


Staggered spruce backposts (5).

Total CSA: 223 cm2 (34.5 in2).

Thickness of post: 4.5 cm.

Width of post: 10 cm.



Designed by STEINWAY.

17,505 kg (38,512 lb) tension.


Ribs notched into inner rim (no floating ribs).

Ribs made of spruce and staggered/graduated.

Number of ribs: 10.

Tuning Pins

Carbon steel, nickel coating.


Roslau wire.

Number of sizes of treble strings: 12.

Lowest tenor note: 32.

Number 1 speaking length: 112.0 cm (44.1″).


Designed by STEINWAY.

Weight of topfelt: 6 kg (13 lb).


All wood (no plastic) for all moving parts.

Aluminum action rails.


STEINWAY design.



Maple, spruce.



Middle pedal is for muffler.

Essex Model EUP-108C Upright Piano


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