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Patrick Elisha Explains our Certified Piano Program

M. Steinert & Sons Certified Piano Program (MS&S CPP) instruments are Steinway & Sons pianos 30 years old or younger, and Steinway-designed Boston and Essex pianos 10 years or younger. MS&S CPP pianos are assessed by a qualified technician using a stringent 88-point quality inspection to ensure authenticity, exceptional condition, and performance suitability. Any necessary repairs to, or parts replaced on an MS&S CPP piano must include 100% genuine Steinway parts. All Steinert Certified Pianos come with a signed inspection report and Steinert Certified Piano three-year limited warranty certificate. M. Steinert & Sons Certified Pianos include M. Steinert & Sons Steinway Lifetime and Full Value Trade-Up Promise.

M. Steinert & Sons will only certify Steinway & Sons pianos pianos that are 30-years old or younger, or Steinway-designed Boston and Essex pianos that are 10-years old or younger. Each instrument in the MS&S CPP undergoes a rigorous 88-point evaluation that ensures the quality, Steinway authenticity, and value of your used piano purchase.

Certified Piano Categories evaluated include:

  • Finish Condition
  • Case Assembly
  • Keyboard and Pedals
  • Action and Regulation
  • Soundboard, Ribs, and Bridges
  • Plate, Strings, and Tuning Pins

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