"They laughed when I sat down at the piano...but when I started to play..."

July 11, 2009 Chuck Johnson

This was the headline of a famous advertisement that ran in newspapers across the country back in the 1920s. The ad told the story of a man who astounded his friends at parties with his ability to play the piano. What was the ad selling? Piano lessons, of course!
Guess what? Even in this age of high tech electronics, iPods and CD-ROMs, you can still astound your friends at parties by sitting down and playing songs on the piano. In fact, M. Steinert & Sons is making it easier than ever to impress with your keyboard talents.
Steinert’s has introduced a program called “Recreational Music Making,” a series of lively classes designed to teach the piano to people who have not had previous formal training. I think the best way to describe “Recreational Music Making” is as a “shortcut” to playing the piano.
Instead of repetitive drills and scales, class members get right into playing popular songs and traditional favorites. So, while you may not be a guest artist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, you will soon be able to provide party music and lead sing-a-longs at the keyboard.
Are you ready to sit down at the piano and dazzle your friends? Check out the “Recreational Music Making” schedule on the M. Steinert & Sons web site at www.msteinert.com.

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