Steinway Society of Massachusetts 2013 Piano Competition Results!

May 22, 2013 Chuck Johnson

CONGRATULATIONS! Below are all the winners/honorable mentions of the Steinway Society Piano Competition 2013

Division 1

1st Prize: Meghan Tan
2nd Prize: Dylan Wang
3rd Prize: Julius Arolovich and Justin Wang
Honorable Mentions: George Kiu, Rin Miyoshi, Emilia Spasojevic, Steven Zhang

Division 2

1st Prize: Hannah Ryu and Avik Sarkar
2nd Prize: Christopher Zhu
3rd Prize: Fianna Ton
Honorable Mention: Kyle Chen

Division 3

1st Prize: Kevin Chen and Peter Wang
2nd Prize: Kara Chuang
3rd Prize: Lauren Jiang
Honorable Mentions: Niklas Kniesche, Anna Larsen, Karen R. Ji, Geo Lee

Division 4

1st Prize: Minji Kwon
2nd Prize: Bryan Alexander McGuiggin
3rd Prize: George Hu and Daniel Shaar

Division 5

1st Prize: Christopher Staknys
2nd Prize: Phuong Nghi Tran Pham
3rd Prize: Yong Murray and Harvey Wu

Congratulations to all for their hard work and excellence in the competition.

We would like to thank this year's judges:
Divisions 1, 2 and 3: Valentina Lass, Marina Magazinnik and Heng-Jin Park
Divisions 4,5: Tema Blackstone, Michael Lewin and Andrew Rangell.


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