Saturday May 30 Steinway Society Competition Results

May 30, 2015 Chuck Johnson

Below are the winners for Division 1:

1st Prize: Patrick Lu

2nd Prize: Annie Dai

3rd Prize: Natalie Yuan Zhang

Honorary Mentions:

Ashley Xu

Christopher David Tillen

Christina Xi

Sara Tardif

Below are the winners for Division 2:

1st Prize: Maxine Park

2nd Prize: Justin Wang

3rd Prize: Emily Huang and Emily Tong Wang

Honorable Mentions:

Michael P. Karshis

Jane Hwang

Below are the winners for Division 3:

1st Prize: Stephen Wang

2nd Prize: Shidong Xu

3rd Prize: Danika Dai

Honorable Mentions:

Porter Allan Matteson

Charmaine Liu

1. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Prize Winners will perform during the Winners Concert tomorrow evening (Sunday, May 31st) at M.Steinert and Sons in Boston - the event is free and all are welcome! The Certificates will be handed to you during the Award Ceremony and Concert at Symphony Hall in September.

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