April 5, 2010 Chuck Johnson

When Steinway & Sons introduced the Boston Performance Edition line of pianos late last year, we were confident that these new instruments would have an important place in the Steinway Family of Pianos, which includes the flagship Steinway brand, along with Boston and Essex. Still, we have been pleasantly surprised at the warm reception that has been given to the Boston Performance Edition.
Students, teachers and musical professionals alike have embraced the Boston Performance Edition pianos. The feedback we have received includes comments that the “PE’s” richer tone (made possible by a new maple inner rim construction that isolates the soundboard); and more precise tuning (thanks to Steinway’s patented Octagrip™ Pinblock structure for more consistent pin torque).
Details aside, everybody who plays the new Boston Performance Edition simply loves the feel and sound of the piano. And most are amazed that such rich tone comes from an instrument priced in the mid-range.
We invite you to come hear for yourself what a remarkable piano Steinway has produced in the new Boston Performance Edition. Visit an M. Steinert & Sons showroom in Boston or Natick soon, and prepared to be impressed!

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