M. Steinert's Certified Piano Program:  How does it compare to the Steinway Certified Pre-owned Piano Program?

February 10, 2022 Stephen Reed


You’re ready to do some serious shopping for a piano, but you’d like to save some money by going with a quality used model.  You’ve already begun to learn how huge the used piano market is–and the wide range of conditions in the pianos out there.

Model O Steinway grand

So you’re trying to get a solid piano with great life left in it. What could be worse than bringing home an instrument that disappoints you later?  That’s some serious money you can never get back. Choosing poorly might well dampen the interest your interest in playing the piano.

How can you safeguard against a poor choice for a used piano, while still experiencing some of the assurances of a new piano purchase?

By the time you’ve read this article, you’ll know about one sure-fire way to select a good, used piano, one that is playable for many years to come and is from the Steinway family of pianos.

In short, you’ll understand how the M. Steinert & Sons Certified Piano Program works to designate those used pianos that we are willing to certify with a three-year warranty. We devised this program to help give our customers the peace of mind they deserve when buying a purchase that costs several thousands of dollars.

After 160 years in the piano business, we are confident we can help you find the right piano for you.

M. Steinert’s Certified Piano Program: How It Compares To the Steinway Certified Pre-owned Program

How are M. Steinert’s Certified Piano Program and Steinway’s Certified Pre-owned Program Similar?

  1. Steinert’s Certified Piano Program is similar to Steinway’s Certified Pre-owned Program in certifying only used Steinways no more than 30 years old.
  2. Also, both the M. Steinert and Steinway certified pre-owned pianos only have 100% genuine Steinway parts for any repairs–a standard only Steinway and Authorized Steinway Dealers can provide.

How are M. Steinert’s Certified Piano Program and Steinway’s Certified Pre-owned Program Different?

  1. M. Steinert has an in-house piano technician; Steinway uses their own piano technician
  2. M. Steinert’s program features an 88-point inspection compared to Steinway’s 77-point inspection
The Inspection Process

First, M. Steinert’s certification program has an 88 quality point inspection compared to Steinway’s 77 points.  Both companies have established this evaluation to ensure authenticity, exceptional condition, and performance.  Certified piano categories evaluated include:

  • Finish Condition
  • Case Assembly
  • Keyboard and Pedals
  • Action and Regulation
  • Soundboard, Ribs, and Bridges
  • Plate, Strings, and Tuning Pins

All M. Steinert Certified Pianos come with a signed inspection report, and an M. Steinert Certified Pre-owned Piano three-year limited warranty certificate.

Boston and Essex models are included in M. Steinert’s Certified Piano Program

Boston piano interior

One other difference in M. Steinert’s Certified Piano Program is that it certifies other Steinway-designed pianos, namely used Boston and Essex models, up to 10 years old.

Moreover, qualifying used Boston and Essex models are included in M. Steinert’s Steinway Lifetime and Full Value Trade-Up Promise.

When you purchase any Pre-owned Steinway, Boston, or Essex piano, you will receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway or Steinway-designed piano of greater value for the lifetime of the instrument.

M. Steinert’s reputation is the assurance of quality

“We get trade-ins all the time,” says Brendan Murphy.  “Our Certified Piano Program distinguishes the great used pianos we receive from the good ones.  We’re putting our 160-year reputation behind the ones we certify.”

Piano technician inspecting a used piano However, a piano that passes M. Steinert’s 88-point inspection is going to be in solid musical condition.  Indeed, it is an instrument of the highest quality for a used piano.

“You know what you’re getting with a Certified Pre-owned piano from M. Steinert & Sons,” says Brendan. “That gives our customers seeking a quality used Steinway, Boston, or Essex great peace of mind.”

A piano that passes M. Steinert’s 88-point inspection has the highest quality for a used piano. Brendan says that, when you go to a store or online and discover that a piano isn’t certified through a program like M. Steinert’s, that’s an important clue to the potential buyer.  “If a piano has no warranty, it’s telling you something.  Either it’s too old to have a warranty, or something else may be amiss.”

Finding Certified Pre-owned pianos at M. Steinert

To learn more about M. Steinert’s Certified Pre-owned pianos, view the current ones in stock in our Used Piano section.  Select the “Certified” option in the Status filter.


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