Artist of the Future Meets Piano of the Future

July 6, 2012 Chuck Johnson

Yana ReznikLos Angeles, CA, February 22, 2012 — The artist of the future meets the piano of the future. That’s what audiences across the country and around the world are experiencing this season as the Russian-born virtuoso Yana Reznik performs the music of Rachmaninoff and other concert favorites on the revolutionary new Roland V-Piano® Grand.
In this concert series, classical music and modern digital technology have been combined to produce a new approach to an old tradition, one that rivals the invention of the piano itself in the early 18th century and Franz Liszt’s creation of the solo piano recital in the mid-19th century. Audiences from Los Angeles to New York, to Santiago, Chile, have been enchanted both by Yana’s inspired performances and the instrument itself.
“With the first note played on the V-Piano Grand,” says Reznik, “I get transformed into the world of music-making. The flawless touch, rich and beautiful sound, and the range of dynamics allow me to express my soul through this incredible piano of the future.”
Ms. Reznik’s appearances on this year’s fall and winter tour feature a two-day residency that includes a solo recital and a master class, as well as an opportunity for students, teachers and retail staff to learn more about the superior capabilities of the Roland V-Piano Grand. The training sessions focus on performance and teaching with the V-Piano Grand at authorized Roland retail locations. Attendees are treated to hands- on instruction from Ms. Reznik, illustrating the concept and technology of V-Piano Grand. Yana personalizes her teaching demonstrations with the passion of a classically trained, professional musician and guides participants through the subtle differences between Vintage and Vanguard sounds, the nuances of the V-Piano Grand Editor program on MAC, and much more. Students are also invited to show their skill by performing classical pieces during Yana’s master class sessions.
The highlight of Ms. Reznik’s appearances is an intimate concert with Yana, who, as an international ambassador of classical music, believes that the key to reaching broader audiences is to create programs that are both inspiring and captivating. A throwback to the fiery Russian virtuosos of yesteryear in her dramatic performances, Ms. Reznik is blazing a path for the soloists of tomorrow, leading classical music into a new and glorious future with the Roland V-Piano Grand.
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