A Piano to Honor a Memory

October 20, 2014 Chuck Johnson

There was an extraordinary dedication recital 10/4/14 at Dover-Sherborn High School: extraordinary not only because of the talent of each performer—ranging from a rich operatic bass, a professional jazz pianist, DSHS students singing a capella, to a Chopin nocturne—but because each performer and audience member was connected to the Paganelli-O’Brien's, a family who lost their twenty-one year old son Alexander a few years ago.  The Friends of the Performing Arts, an organization of parents and community volunteers that promotes and supports the music and theater programs at DSHS, spearheaded a fundraising effort to donate a Steinway grand piano to DSHS to honor his memory, and the piano was unveiled for this incredible recital. Their work culminated in the dedication concert, emceed by Alex’s father Dr. Paul Paganelli, who also performed. Words cannot adequately express how exquisitely the community galvanized to create a perfect legacy to honor the memory of Alexander Paganelli, himself a pianist, composer, singer and athlete. A piece of Alex's was performed at the concert. The 6’2” black shiny Steinway grand piano sang all night, and will continue to inspire and enrich students and community in Dover for generations. As the plaque on the piano reads: In Loving Memory, Alexander Paganelli, DSHS Class of 2008.

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