Steinert & Steinway

On September 14, 1869, M. Steinert & Sons was granted an “agency” to sell pianos manufactured by Steinway & Sons. Thus began one of the closest and most productive relationships in the musical world.

For over 140 years we have been Steinway’s exclusive authorized dealer in the Boston and eastern New England region, proudly representing what has been and remains the world’s finest pianos.

Today, M. Steinert & Sons is the oldest Steinway dealer in the world outside of New York.

Steinway Appreciation
By Paul Murphy, Jr.

A Steinway piano is an incomparable creation – a unique achievement that sets the world standard for how a piano should look, play and sound. But a Steinway piano is also something more. It is a singularly inspired investment — an instrument that combines the joy of musical perfection with the security and reassurance of financial appreciation. It is, quite simply, a treasured possession that grows in value over the course of time — a rare and enduring creation which is handed down with pride from one generation to the next.

According to Forbes magazine, over the past ten years, the retail value of a Steinway concert grand has appreciated nearly 200%.* An impressive record, to be sure – but one that tells only part of the story.

The fact is, the appreciation of Steinway pianos is even more impressive when you look past the previous ten years and take an historical look at appreciation over the past few decades. The numbers are nothing less than remarkable: Today, if the owner of a vintage Steinway grand decided to gauge the value of his or her piano on the open market, it is likely that the piano would command a price 4.3 times higher than the original retail cost.

Furthermore, Steinway vertical pianos (uprights) command a handsome resale value as well – selling, on average, at a price 2.2 times higher than their original cost. Of course, as interesting as these figures are, there is one important point to keep in mind: When you own a Steinway, you possess a timeless creation that is passed on with pride as a beloved family heirloom. No matter how financially precious your Steinway becomes, you will find that it is a treasure with which you do not wish to part.