World-Class Pianos for Every Stage of Your Musical Journey

Buying a piano is a passionate investment, so the instrument you choose should be of unquestionable quality. Whether you’re at the very start of your journey to musical fulfillment or you’ve been on this path awhile, M. Steinert & Sons can help you turn your musical aspirations into a reality.

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Tailored resources and guidance for the inspired beginner.

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Comprehensive tips and insights for those who are getting back into it.

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Recommendations and support for advanced players.

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Pianos for the Home or Stage

Did you know that 97% of performing pianists choose to perform on Steinway in concert? In a world crowded with piano choices, Steinway stands clearly above the rest for their durability, superior touch, and tone. Explore the entire Steinway-designed family of pianos, as well as the industry-leading Roland Pianos, to see which suits your journey both musically and financially.


Steinway & Sons Spirio



Steinway & Sons Pianos



Boston Pianos

Designed by Steinway


Essex Pianos

Designed by Steinway


Roland Pianos



Used Pianos



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Trusted Curator of Quality Pianos Since 1860

M. Steinert & Sons has been the purveyor of the highest quality pianos in the New England region for over 160 years. Our unequaled longevity, depth of expertise, and steadfast business ethics have allowed us to offer the finest pianos in every category.

“We’re not good because we’re old. We’re old because we’re good.”
– Brendan Murphy, President (4th generation)

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How to Start Your Journey

When you visit an M. Steinert & Sons showroom, our piano consultants work closely with you to find a piano that feels good to your hands, sounds good to your ears, and fits your needs and price range. Once we deliver it to you, we’ll be here to service your piano and upgrade it as needed.

1. Contact a piano consultant
A member of our expert, courteous staff will listen carefully to your needs.

2. Explore pianos with hands-on guidance
Your piano consultant will lead you through various piano styles and features.

3. Make a wise decision for your journey
Use the information you glean to make the right decision for you, financially and musically.

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The Piano Buyer’s Guide

Pianists deserve a resource that’s easy to follow and gets them closer to the piano of their dreams without the confusion in between. Our Piano Buyer’s Guide offers tips, facts, and insights into the world of pianos so you can get the answers you need to make the wisest decision.

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