Marblehead Village School Wins New Piano from M. Steinert & Sons

(Marblehead, MA): Kathryn Ferris, Director of Bands at The Village School in Marblehead, MA, plays a new Roland Digital Piano the school won in a raffle sponsored by M. Steinert & Sons ( of Boston, MA. Also enjoying the school’s new piano are (left to right): Jeremy Moccia of M. Steinert & Sons, Village School principal Theresa McGuiness-Darby, music teacher Kate DeSisto, and Brendan Murphy, Institutional Sales Director at M. Steinert & Sons.

Boston, MA (November 26, 2012): Students at the Marblehead Village School are enjoying the sound of a brand new Roland digital piano, thanks to M. Steinert & Sons (, the nation’s oldest continuously operating music store. The Village School won the Roland FP-7 digital piano in a raffle conducted by M. Steinert & Sons’ Institutional Sales Department, which provides pianos and organs to schools, colleges and churches throughout New England.

“We are very pleased that a school like the Village School, with such an active and vibrant music curriculum, was the winner of our piano raffle,” said Brendan Murphy, Director of Institutional Sales at M. Steinert & Sons. “Our company has been involved in music education in the region for more than 150 years, and will continue to support schools and colleges who appreciate the value of a quality music education.”

For additional information call (617) 426-1900.

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