Steinway’s Spirio™

Steinway’s Spirio™

Tomorrow’s Piano Technology…Today.

Why settle for a recording of your favorite piano artist when you can enjoy a live concert, right in your own home? Steinway’s revolutionary Spirio™ let’s you invite the world’s greatest concert pianists into your home, to perform “live” on your piano.

Spirio™ is the world’s first fully digital player piano system. Its patented, proprietary design captures the true essence and soul of a performance. Every note, every key strike, every nuance of live concert performances from piano legends are ready for live playback on your select Steinway grand piano, including the Model B Music Room Grand and Model M Medium Grand. Choose from a library of over 1,700 pieces, ranging from Rachmaninoff and Horovitz, to Bill Evans and Billy Joel, with additional artists and performances added regularly.

Of course, you can always create your own great music on your Steinway Spirio™ with the same legendary resonance and tone that has made Steinway the universally acknowledged leader in world-class pianos. 

“You can think of Spirio as the world’s best hi-fi for classical music lovers. Except it’s not playing a reproduction of the music—it’s playing the music itself.” – Wired Magazine


Discover for yourself how Steinway’s Spirio™ is taking the piano to new heights. Let us provide a private demonstration at your convenience at an M. Steinert Location. Feel free to request a time outside normal operating hours.

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