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Service During Covid
Protocols for outside service visits

Protocols for outside service visits

M. Steinert & Sons has been closely monitoring the Covid-19 outbreak and quickly took action to ensure the safety of our Service personnel and staff. Starting mid-March, Steinert employees have been following the safe practices recommended by the state of Massachusetts, the CDC and other agencies as well as following mandatory company protocols when they are in a Steinert showroom, shop, or office.

On March 16, 2020 Steinert management chose to close our 3 showroom locations to the public and the following week we were shut down as a non-essential business. Our entire staff has been working from home and communicating or teaching virtually. New Covid-19 protocols have been created to minimize risk of infection to our staff, contractors and customers. From March – May, each of our 3 facilities remained vacant for at least 72 hours before anyone else was permitted to enter. As we slowly begin to reopen and staff our locations per the phases outlined by Governor Baker, please be assured that the health and safety of our customers and staff are a priority. Our showrooms are open by appointment only and face masks are required at all times. We purposely schedule adequate time in between appointments to clean and sanitize any pianos that were played and surfaces anyone came into contact with. All of our pianos are cleaned before anyone plays or works on them and again afterwards.

We have developed the following set of protocols in order to maximize everyone’s safety during any in-home appointments. This includes a short questionnaire we will ask before scheduling appointments as well as actions both the customer and technician will take. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Questions Steinert personnel will ask before scheduling a service visit:

1. Have you or anyone in your household been sick within the past 2 weeks or shown any of the following symptoms associated with Covid-19?

  1. Fever
  2. Persistent cough or sore throat
  3. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  4. Chills or repeated shaking with chills

2. Are you or is anyone in your household an essential worker and regularly on the front line with exposure to Covid-19?

  1. Medical professionals at hospitals or locations still seeing patients
  2. First responders of any kind
  3. Essential store staff (cashier, re-stocker, etc.)
  4. Any job / workplace involving regular interaction with people

3. Have you recently been at a gathering of 10 or more people or a public place where social distancing was not possible?

4. When you leave your home for essential reasons do you wear a mask and remain socially distant from others?

  1. If the customer’s response to any of the questions above indicates significant risk of exposure to Covid-19, they will be asked to wait the appropriate time outlined below before a technician will be able to come to their home.
  2. If a customer/family has had Covid-19, we ask they wait an additional 2 weeks after testing negative for Covid-19
  3. We ask customers that have recently been outside of the Boston area to follow the governor’s orders to self quarantine and monitor themselves for any symptoms of Covid-19 for 2 weeks after returning to the Boston area. Appointments will be scheduled after quarantine is completed
  4. Customers that have an essential worker in their household will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Protocols for the customer BEFORE the technician arrives for a service visit:

  1. The customer will clean their piano and the area surrounding it as best they can before the technician arrives.
  2. This includes removing items from on top of your piano to make things as easy as possible for the technician to tune and access the piano.
  3. If possible, the customer will wear a mask and have recently washed their hands before they greet the technician and allow them into the home.
  4. Ideally the technician will only come into brief contact with one person per service visit. We ask that aside from allowing the technician into your home that customers remain at least 6’ from the technician as much as possible AND allow the technician to be the only person in the room where the piano is located while they work.
  5. Payment policy: In order to ensure minimal contact with customers, technicians will not be accepting any form of payment at the time of service. Instead, you will receive an electronic invoice from Steinert’s that you may pay online using a credit card. If you prefer, we will also take credit card payments over the phone OR you may mail a check to the following address: M. Steinert & Sons, 28 Damrell Street, Ste. 102, Boston, MA 02127.

Procedures for technicians entering a home / space for a service visit:

  1. Technicians will have a mask and set of gloves on before entering the home / space.
  2. Technicians will be supplied with and use disposable shoe coverings to enter customer homes.
  3. Technicians will only carry necessary cleaning supplies and essential tools with them that have been sanitized before and after each use. If additional tools are needed for the visit, the technician may return to their vehicle to retrieve them and use new gloves when they re-enter the home.
  4. Technicians and customers should not share common use items such as writing utensils, phones, and other devices during the visit.
  5. Exceptions made for connection issues with customer’s iPad or device for a Spirio or other player system.
  6. For their safety, the technician will have supplies with them to disinfect the keyboard of the piano before they begin tuning or doing any work.
  7. Upon completion of the tuning / work, the technician will clean the keyboard and any other areas of the piano they came into contact with during their visit.
  8. After leaving the customer’s home technicians should clean their own tools to be ready for their next use and safely dispose of their mask, gloves and shoe coverings.
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