Roland Pianos

Roland Digital Pianos

State of the art digital pianos

Roland is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of musical instruments. Roland’s digital pianos have advanced technology that replicates the sound of an acoustic piano, without requiring as much space, and at a lower cost. Thus you can achieve a near-acoustic sound in a much more compact package.

Many of the Roland digital pianos available through M. Steinert & Sons feature Roland’s SuperNATURAL technology, which uses powerful sound modeling based on pristine studio samples of the original instrument. In addition, Roland digital pianos can reproduce a number of tones other than piano, providing a flexible and versatile instrument.

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Roland Grand Pianos


GP607 Digital Grand

A mini grand piano that sparks creativity and complements your living space.



Roland Premium Upright Pianos

LX-17 New Generation Digital Piano

Roland’s most luxurious home piano with the ultimate sound experience.


LX-7 Digital Piano

An elegant, sophisticated home piano with truly beautiful sound.


HP605 Digital Piano

A premium home piano with concert-class sound.


HP603 Digital Piano

A compact home piano with concert-class sound.


DP603 Digital Piano

A slim and stylish digital piano perfect for modern living spaces.


Roland Upright Pianos

HPi-50E Digital Piano

The piano that teaches you how to play it while having fun!


HP504 Digital Piano

Top technologies, no-compromise performance.


RP501R Digital Piano

Compact and affordable family piano with practice-friendly features on board.


RP401R Digital Piano

A premium piano experience for young families.


DP90Se Digital Piano

Premium Piano Features in an elegant modern design.


DP90e Digital Piano

Authentic sound with modern style.