Rodgers Infinity Series Organs

Meet Infinity from Rodgers – The Future of Organ Technology

Everything about the exciting Infinity Series organs by Rodgers Instruments is new! With Infinity Rodgers introduces new ways of sampling, processing and distributing sound, resulting in magnificent pipe organ tone quality. This revolutionary instrument gives organists virtually infinite versatility and flexibility to support the full range of worship music styles – from classical to contemporary, baroque to blues, Gregorian to gospel, and infinitely more!

Keyboards_RodgersInfinity sets a new standard of performance for the cost/benefit of today’s digital classic organs:
• Increased tonal variety and flexibility for nuance registration of any repertoire
• More on-board pipe organ and orchestral voices
• The most powerful digital sound generation technology platform ever created
• The most extensive tone controls that enable on-site voicing, matching aesthetic preferences and acoustical requirements
• A competitively priced, state-of-the-art pipe organ console capable of expanding an existing pipe organ with substantial digital tonal resources, with total voicing flexibility to create a seamless ensemble of windblown pipe and digital organ voices
• Minimized maintenance due to substantially reduced hardware components
• Built-in hymn player with 350 frequently played hymn tunes
• Numerous additional new features

New Technology for a Powerful New Sound

Infinity_DetailAt the heart of Infinity is the powerful all-new Sound System on a chip (SSC) technology platform. This technology was initially introduced in digital organs with the Roland Classic Series organs. The Rodgers 500 series two and three manual consoles built on the operating system foundation established in the Roland classic organs, adding features and expanding the size of the organ. SSC is revolutionizing organ technology. By combining the Central Processing Unit, Digital Signal Processor and memory that stores the pipe organ sound date all on the same chip, the amount of hardware components required to build even the largest digital organ specifications is substantially reduced, considerably decreasing the amount of power required to operate the organ.

Infinity takes SSC technology to the ultimate level of organ power. By adding more SSC chips, Infinity delivers an unprecedented amount of sound processing power and memory, expanding Infinity’s capabilities and including numerous new features and controls.

SSC is cutting edge state of the art design, similar to technology advances in personal computers and cell phones. With each significant technology design advancement in these products, their physical size and complexity is reduced while power and capabilities are increased. This is precisely how SSC impacts the digital organ, as it provides considerably more power and capability while requiring substantially less hardware components. This revolutionary new SSC technology is unique to Roland and Rodgers Classic Organs.

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