Replacing a Pipe organ

Updating a Pipe Organ with a Digital Console

Rodgers_RIn addition to their considerable capabilities as pipeless digital organs, Rodgers two, three and four manual Infinity consoles are specifically designed to serve as highly cost effective pipe organ consoles when an existing aging or failing console requires replacement. The cost of an Infinity console is competitive with a custom built pipe organ console, and often compares favorably with the cost of rebuilding an existing pipe organ console.

However, Infinity offers much more than simply a replacement console for your existing pipe organ. Because Infinity is a complete, state-of-the-art pipeless digital organ in its own right, it will expand and enhance the tonal resources of your existing pipe organ, adding numerous organ and MIDI voices to the typical church pipe organ. Rodgers was the pioneer in the creation of successful pipe/digital combination organs in the early 1970s. Today there are a number of organs in all sizes installed in churches worldwide, demonstrating the attractiveness of this approach.

Infinity_243_AngleMost listeners feel the tonal quality of the Infinity digital pipe organ voice is virtually indistinguishable from wind blown pipe stops. Patented Rodgers technology provides a seamless blending of digital and pipe voices that will satisfy the most discerning listener in a most cost effective manner. But don’t just take our word for it – schedule a visit to our showroom to see and hear for yourself.

If your church has a pipe organ with an aging console that compromises its use and attractiveness, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how Rodgers pipe/digital combination organ can make your pipe organ vital and central to your music program.

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For Additional Information Contact:
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