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M. Steinert & Sons and the EKS Music School

Creating Quality Musical Experiences

M. Steinert & Sons, New England’s premier piano dealer, is pleased to partner with the EKS Music School.

Ellyses Kuan, Director of the EKS Music School shares the following thoughts on working with M. Steinert & Sons:

“Vivian Handis has always blown me away with her knowledge, professionalism, and integrity when it comes to service! I walked into the M.Steinert store downtown in 2012 and was very fortunate to meet Vivian. I have been referring my students to Steinert since then. She always gives the best options and honest recommendations to all her customers. All families in my school praise her every time they purchase a new piano for themselves.”

Steinert knows that beginnings matter and needs evolve.  Not every family or student is ready to jump into the piano of their dreams from the start.  We have many options to offer the beginner, as well as the concert pianist.

Options for families and students:

  • Entry Level Pianos: Having a fully weighted instrument is important while building the strength and agility needed for reasonable progression. Check out options from Roland digital pianos and the remarkably affordable Steinway designed Essex piano line.
  • The Best!  Sometimes beginning with the end in mind makes sense. The world famous Steinway piano is widely considering the finest piano in the world. Standards for touch and tone are set early in the learning process, so, if means allow, find out why Steinway maintains its legacy unmatched quality and musical expression.  Get instant savings on a new Steinway or Steinway-designed piano with your registration below..

Educational Resources for the piano shopper:

M. Steinert & Sons offers the following:

  • Trade-up value on all instrument purchases and trade-in options.
  • Financing programs to allow monthly installments.
  • Player systems and installation (see the new amazing Steinway Spirio too!).
  • Professional delivery and ongoing service.
  • The confidence and security of working with a company that's served the Massachusetts music economy for over 150 years!

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We look forward to answering your questions and helping you along your piano journey.

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