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Bargain! This is a NEW ebony polish vertical piano from a brand we no longer carry. It plays and sounds very nice. It was originally purchased by our company as a vertical player piano but has been re-priced as a non-player.

We recently made the decision to remove the player system’s Web Force control unit – and have repriced the piano as a non-player system, used vertical piano. We also decided to leave the solenoid rail in the piano (the expensive part to purchase and install on a modern player piano) so that an interested customer might use an alternative system (PianoDisc or QRS) to try and revive this system if desired.

2012 Knabe Model WV118 | Used
Type: Acoustic
Style: Vertical
Make: Other
Model: WV118PFLXR
Year: 2012
Status: Used
Serial Number: IKLBU0470
Warranty: 90 day Steinert
Bench: Matching Woodtop
Finish: Ebony Polish

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