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Popular Yamaha model U1 in great condition

The Yamaha U1 piano is a high-quality popular upright piano. It is known for its bright sound, responsive touch, and durability.

The U1 was first introduced in 1972 and has since become one of Yamaha’s most popular models. It has a full-sized keyboard with 88 keys, and its action is designed to provide a consistent touch across the entire keyboard.

It is often considered a “workhorse” piano that can withstand heavy use and frequent moving, making it a popular choice for schools, music studios, and performance venues. Overall, the Yamaha U1 is a highly-regarded and versatile instrument that is suitable for pianists at all levels.

2010 Yamaha Model U1 | Used
Type: Acoustic
Style: Vertical
Make: Yamaha
Model: U1
Year: 2010
Status: Used
Serial Number: U6274266
Warranty: 90 day Steinert
Bench: Matching used
Finish: Ebony Polish
Retail Price: $11,799
Sale Price: $6,780

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