Infinity Features

Rodgers Infinity Organs

Infinity is an all-new line of premium Rodgers consoles, introducing numerous new features and capabilities.

Tonal Resources and Features

Infinity incorporates more tonal resources within the console, and also greater tonal control, without the need for external sound modules. The tonal possibilities are practically infinite.

– Expandable voice palette
– Organ type piston instantly sets the voice palette option for all stops, creating an American classic, English cathedral, French romantic or German baroque voiced organ. Alternative voice palette options for individual stops can still be selected while using the organ type feature.
– Two library stops in each division (one in the solo division) provides direct access to an additional 180 onboard organ and orchestral voices
– Different parameters can be used simultaneously for the same voice or multiple library stops.

Technology Platform

At the heart of infinity is an all new hardware and software technology platform. The amount of electronic hardware and components has been substantially reduced while delivering considerably more power.

– SoundSystem on a Chip (SSC) gives infinity unprecedented power by combining memory (RAM), digital sound processing (DSP), the operating system (OS) and central processing unit (CPU) on a single custom-designed “superchip”. Using multiple superchips supports the extensive onboard tonal library and processing capacity of Infinity.
– Considerably more extensive voicing controls
– Software upgradeability enables on-going feature enhancements and new capabilities
– Capability to individually customize the tonal specifications onsite. Infinity organs initially feature Rodgers standard specifications, which can then be modified at any time including custom engraved drawknob nomenclatures.
– A reduction of hardware components results in lower pricing and reduced maintenance over the lifetime of the organ.

Console Features, Design and Construction

– All new console cabinet design, rigorously tested for structural stability and integrity, assuring many years of trouble free service as either a digital organ or a pipe organ console. (See replacement pipe organ console)
– Premium straight0gran wood on the entire console cabinet and bench.
– Console cabinet in traditional, classic and cathedral styles in choice of finish
– LCD screen displaying stop names and feature selections, centrally positioned on the coupler rail for ease of viewing while playing
– Self calibrating MIDI pedalboard with internal keying mechanism eliminated pedal alignment issues
– Velocity sensitive pedals provide optimum control for orchestral voices
– 24 toe stud pistons with assignable functionality
– LED illuminated drawknobs, tilt-tablets, thumb pistons, music desk and pedal lamps assures maintenance free service for decades to come
– Brightly illuminated wood lattice music rack with clear Plexiglas looks beautiful while allowing for ease of marking sheet music. Music rack is adjustable up and down, and back and forth.
– Deluxe adjustable bench with expandable seating area and compartmentalized music storage.
– Built-in 350 hymn tune player with introductions and stanzas. Tempo and pitch may be easily adjusted to suit.

For Additional Information Contact:

Michael-Thomas Gilman, Rodgers Organ Representative

(617) 841-8874