Selling Your Piano

Trading-in your piano:  

At M. Steinert & Sons, we offer fair value for pianos being traded in on a new piano purchased from our inventory.  Complete the form below and please specify “trade in the piano” on the form – and we will contact you to help you through the trade-in process. 
If you purchased a Boston or Essex piano, you may trade in the instrument within ten years of the date of purchase to receive 100% of the original purchase price in trade toward a new Steinway grand.  This is known as the “Steinway Promise”.  
Our Roland digital piano trade-in policy (for Roland digital pianos purchased at Steinert) is 2 years with 100% value towards any new acoustic piano.  

Selling your piano:  

In general, we do not purchase used pianos for resale.  However, if your piano meets the following criteria it may be a candidate for purchase or consignment:  
  1. A Steinway & Sons piano 
  2. Purchased from M. Steinert & Sons and is 100% Steinway (ie – not rebuilt or serviced using 3rd party or non-Steinway parts)
  3. You live in the greater Boston Metro area

If so, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to discuss possible avenues for resale or consignment.  

Please note, we will only contact you if a piano is a likely candidate for evaluation or purchase.  

Reason for Sale (check those that apply)
Can't use it anymoreNeed a different piano (trade-in)DownsizingNeed fundsMovingOther

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