Piano Brands at M. Steinert & Sons

Brand names do make a difference when choosing a piano. Certain manufacturers have established sterling reputations over the years, and work hard to maintain the quality of their instruments.

Widely acknowledged as the world’s finest piano maker, Steinway & Sons continues to make each of their instruments by hand to achieve the distinct, rich tone that is appreciated by pianists and audience alike. Steinway sustains this quality through close attention to the details that go into making each piano, from selection of the spruce wood for the soundboard, to the traditional manufacturing techniques passed down through generations of piano makers.

In order to make their instruments more available and affordable to a wider range of pianists, Steinway & Sons has designed and produces two additional lines of pianos, Boston and Essex. The Boston line is a mid-range instrument, with many of the fine sound qualities of the top-of-the-line Steinway. Essex pianos are an affordable instrument ideal for younger students.

Roland digital pianos are the highest quality electronic instruments available, and include a number of key innovations — such as weighted keys and Steinway-like sound replication — that make it an excellent choice for those seeking a digital instrument.

Your Steinert representative can help you determine which of our brands is best suited to your level of play and budget.