Buying a Used Piano

Buying an “experienced” piano can be a good way to obtain a higher quality instrument at a budget price. A piano that has been well maintained and frequently tuned can provide many years of additional service.

When shopping for a used piano, keep these helpful hints in mind:

  1. Have a budget in mind before you begin, but try to have some flexibility in case you find an unexpectedly good opportunity.
  2. Know up front if you want a grand or upright piano.
  3. Know the dimensions of the room in which the piano will be placed.
  4. If you do not play the piano, bring along a friend who does play to help judge the tone and touch of the pianos you are considering.
  5. Even if you do play, you may want to bring along a more experienced pianist or even a piano tuner to help you.
  6. Don’t judge a piano solely by the condition of the case. A used piano may have some nicks or scratches on the exterior case that do not affect the sound of the instrument.
  7. If possible, get a detailed history of the piano, including previous owners and use.
  8. Shop for a piano at a reputable piano store. They have the resources and expertise to restore and maintain a used piano properly.
  9. Play, play, play! Try out a number of instruments to find the one that provide the right tone and touch for you.
  10. Find out up front if delivery is included or is an extra cost. Do not try to move the piano yourself – this can damage the case and the inner workings.
  11. Ask for at least one free tuning upon delivery and another during the first year you own the piano.


A used piano can be a wonderful instrument that can give you years of enjoyment and pleasure.