Introducing Spirio, a Fully Integrated, High-Resolution Player Piano System

“You can think of Spirio as the world’s best hi-fi for classical music lovers. Except it’s not playing a reproduction of the music—it’s playing the music itself.” – Wired Magazine

“…the biggest piano innovation in 70 years.” –

M. Steinert & Sons is pleased to present the Steinway Spirio, the world’s finest player piano system, available exclusively on select Steinway grand pianos.

Click here to view a gallery of our June 9th Steinway Spirio Introduction Event in Boston’s Seaport District.


Derived from the Latin ‘spirare’ (to breathe), Spirio is an abstract phrase, reminiscent of inspiration, spirit and experience. Spirio evokes a deeply human sensibility of how we connect to and through music.



Imagine having the world’s greatest concert pianists playing classical masterpieces on your piano, in your home. With all the resonant sound and subtle nuances that only a masterful artist can bring forth from a Steinway, the world’s finest piano. Now you can have this experience through the magic of the Steinway Spirio.

Spirio offers a complimentary music library — everything from Bach to Beethoven to Bill Evans to Billy Joel, all newly recorded in high resolution by Steinway Artists, who count among the world’s greatest musicians and choose to exclusively use Steinway & Sons pianos. Through the use of proprietary audio translation software, the Spirio library also includes performances by such Steinway Immortals as Glenn Gould, Art Tatum and Sergei Rachmaninoff, musicians forever etched in memory whose music came to life on a Steinway.

Spirio delivers the most accurate reproduction of live performances ever achieved on a Steinway & Sons piano. Delicate pedaling, subtle phrasing, soft trills, and thundering fortissimos present no difficulty for Steinway Spirio. Damper and keyshift pedaling are replicated with unparalleled accuracy, following the pianist’s depressions and releases smoothly and precisely over the entire range of motion.


In the past we’ve sold player systems as an accessory to the piano. But Spirio is a fully integrated whole experience unlike any alternative out there – a high-resolution player piano that provides an unrivaled musical experience indistinguishable from a live performance.

The Steinway Spirio unlocks the Steinway & Sons experience regardless of playing ability. With the touch of an iPad, Spirio brings your Steinway to life with performances from the world’s greatest artists, inviting you and your loved ones to enjoy life’s great musical moments. The Steinway Spirio conveys the passion and humanity of music, connecting listener and artist as only the world’s best piano can.

The Spirio system is available on select Steinway pianos, including the Model B (Music Room Grand) and Model M (Medium Grand) pianos in the U.S. The system is integrated with the piano during manufacturing. Completely hidden from view, its components do not affect the touch, sound or outward appearance of the piano in any way. Steinway Spirio’s modular design isolates the core player system from rapidly changing user interface technologies, ensuring many decades of enjoyment. With routine maintenance and occasional updates, the Steinway Spirio player piano system will last the full lifetime of the piano.


The Spirio system’s superior playback results from the combination of numerous patented developments, including closed-loop proportional pedaling, immunity to varying line voltage, sophisticated thermal compensation, and proprietary high-resolution drive techniques. Spirio’s hardware and software measures the velocity of the piano’s hammer hitting the string in 1,020 increments, noting its location and speed at 800 times a second. As a result, Spirio captures the true essence, nuance, and soulfulness of a live performance, allowing us to bring artists and their audiences closer than ever before.


Spirio comes with an iPad that communicates with the piano via Bluetooth, prompting the piano to play any one of the 1,700 songs recorded specifically for the instrument.

Steinway & Sons is recording an entirely new catalog of music for the system, featuring the roster of Steinway Artists performing a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz, standards to contemporary. All pieces in the catalog are recorded, edited and released in high-resolution, using a proprietary data format that captures the finest details from each artist’s performance. Steinway’s entire catalog of performances will be provided to Steinway Spirio owners at no additional charge. New songs will be made available on a regular basis.